Root Evacuations

Improper installation of trees is a primary cause of decline in the landscape.  Often, we find trees that have been planted too deeply and have developed girdling and adventitious roots.  These roots form as a result of excess soil and mulch covering the base of the trunk and can eventually encircle and constrict the vascular system of the tree. It is not uncommon to find plastic twine and other non-biodegradable materials embedded in the trunks of trees, below the surface.

We perform a root excavation to observe the conditions surrounding the trunk or stems below the surface.  This is done using a special tool called an AirSpade which removes the soil quickly and safely without damaging any of the roots. Excavation often provides an explanation as to why a plant appears to be stressed.  The process exposes the roots, along with other physical obstructions so that they may be removed.  From there, the area is re-graded, removing any organic matter from the actual trunk of the tree.  When the natural conditions are re-established around the base of the tree, the vascular tissue can then function properly, restoring the vitality of the tree.


  • To locate and restore the natural soil grade
  • To assess damage and evaluate hazard levels
  • To locate and remove girdling roots
  • To investigate the possibility of root loss or decay
  • To correct damage from poor planting techniques or construction fill
  • To allow trunk tissues to dry out, lessening the decay and disease problems

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