Clean Up & Mulching

Winter can cause significant damage to lawns. trees, shrubs and perennial plants. After a long and cold winter most lawns and landscapes need a little Tender Loving Care. Integral’s Spring Clean Up Service will ensure your landscape will look its best come late spring and summer. Depending on your needs, Spring clean up can include; removing yard debris, leaf removal, bed racking, prepping and edging, cutting back perennials, pruning shrubs & ornamental trees, plus our spring lawn service.

Integral’s Fall Clean Up Service will ensure your landscape is free of dead debris and dying foliage that insects and pests like to nest in during the winter. Services can include; Leaf cleanup & removal, Winterization of your shrubs, trees, lawn and plants, Shutting down any irrigation systems in place and more… Fall is the perfect time to plant and seed for the following spring.

Mulching is a very important part of maintaining healthy plant, shrub and tree life. Mulch provides three basic functions; reduces soil water loss, suppresses growth of weeds, and protects against temperature extremes. Integral works with many different natural and synthetic mulches that help make your plant beds thrive and look great.


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