Fertilizing & Weed Control

The first step in fertilizing your lawn is to obtain a soil test before applying any nutrients. A simple soil test provides key information including soil pH, potassium and phosphorus levels. Integral technicians will test your soil and then design a maintenance program tailored to your budget, lifestyle lawn goals.

Most Hudson Valley soils do not have all the nutrients or enough of the nutrients plants need to survive and thrive. Nutrients in soil can be depleted by weeds, other plants, prior plantings or man-made damage.

Plant fertilizers, both organic and traditional, are made to replace and supplement nutrients. Fertilizers typically contain the three main nutrients plants need to grow: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Most also contain additional nutrients such as calcium, sulfur and magnesium. The proper combination, quantity and timing of soil amendments, bio-stimulants and beneficial fungi and humic acid produce strong healthy lawns.

Properly feeding and weeding your lawn will allow it to grow and flourish to its full potential. At the same time it will keep your property looking clean and beautiful. We will assess your existing turf and, recommend a course of action that best suits your needs.


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