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Following good cultural practices is the primary method for managing insect damage to lawns. The best way to prevent damage from lawn pests is to keep grass healthy. Our NYS DEC Licensed and Certified Professionals will properly and efficiently control insects and disease that attack your beautiful lawn, shrubs and fruit plants. We use environmental earth friendly products and in extreme cases of insect infestation more traditional products may be required.

After inspecting your lawn we will consult with you on the best overall solution to control any insect and disease situation.

Grubs are the C-shaped larval stage of certain beetles that feed on the root system of your lawn, leaving tremendous damage. The grubs are the immature offspring of Japanese beetles, June beetles, Asiatic beetles and rose chafers.

Control of Grubs and Japanese Beetles is two-pronged. Application of products to the soil June through August addresses the control of the grubs as the adult beetles emerge, mate and lay eggs. Direct application of either organic or traditional products controls the flying beetles in June and July. Integral has been successful controlling Japanese Beetles on a wonderful raspberry patch using organic methods.


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