Lawn Renovation

Lawn renovation is the process of repairing your lawn and reviving it from excessive thatch or simple repairs such as dead spots, or more complicated problems that can require soil and seed to produce a successful lawn. Your lawn may need renovation if :

  • It has bare spots that won’t grow back
  • Grasses from neighbor’s lawns have overtaken your lawn.
  • Weeds have become totally out of control.
  • High traffic areas are heavily warn and won’t grow back.
  • Pet Urine and other stuff have created dead areas.
  • Your lawn is just plain old and looks that way or you just purchased a house where the former owner did little to care for the lawn.

There are varying types of renovation that help repair and/or replace your lawn: Aerating, Dethatching, Dead-Spot Replacement, Leveling Bumps and Depressions, and Total Renovation. The amount of renovation you require will depend on your needs. If you want a beautiful looking lawn that adds value to your property call the experts at Integral we have solutions to fit all budgets.


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