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Revive Your Lawn by Reseeding! Over time, grass does get old and needs to be replaced. Worn-out lawns invite weeds. Reseeding is a fast, inexpensive way to help bring your lawn back to its lush, green, healthy self without tearing everything out and starting over. Spot seeding is a quick and easy way to repair things like ruts along driveways, areas worn by foot traffic, small areas that have died for any reason. Over seeding a lawn broadcasts the seed over a large area. This works well when the lawn just needs a general “thickening up.” Over seeding can be done along with lawn aeration or by itself.

SODWhen it comes to getting a thick, healthy lawn, nothing beats sod for instant gratification. It costs a bit more but laid professionally in a couple of weeks you’ve got a dense, well-established lawn that’s naturally resistant to weeds, diseases, and pest infestations.  As experts in establishing a new lawn or repairing older lawns Integral can either seed or install sod.


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