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Insects and diseases damage plants in a variety of ways. When left unchecked for too long, plants may become weakened beyond the point of saving. Conversely, improper use of pesticides may make the problem worse by eradicating beneficial insects and microorganisms that are helpful to the plant. We offer many organic solutions and we persistently fine-tune our recommendations for the best approach. Organic treatments generally require more monitoring and investigation to confirm results, and we are always keeping an eye out for new methods that will help improve the status of the plants under our care.

Sometimes a pests becomes well-established and out of control; at other times, economic constraints do not allow a problem to be addressed organically. It is on these occasions we will recommend using chemical applications as tools for intervention. Each year we aim to use less and less chemically-based treatments. Common pests in the Hudson Valley include not only the four legged kind such as deer and mice but also six legged varieties of insects like the Hemlock Woolley Adelgid, Emerald Ash Borer, Birch Borer, Ticks and Mosquitoes. Diseases frequently seen are foliar rusts, scab and leaf spot on Fruit Trees; anthracnose of Dogwood, Maples and Sycamores; and a wide range of blights that attack plants from Pachysandra to Rhododendron to Willows.


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