Bracing & Cabling

Trees sometimes need a little help to keep them safe and to maintain a pleasing shape.  Through the use of cables and brace rods, additional support can be placed within the tree to reduce the potential of failure due to internal decay or poorly attached limbs.

Successful application of bracing–cabling support systems to trees largely depends on the experience of the arborist and the specific situation. An ISA Certified Arborist is extensively trained in the technical elements of selecting, sourcing and planting trees and shrubs and held to a continuing education requirement.

Installing Tree Bracing & Cabling:

  • Provide additional strength to areas of weakness
  • Limit branch or tree movement
  • Reduce risk of failure potential
  • Prevent weak unions from failing
  • Redistribute mechanical stress of limbs
  • Prolong the life of historic or specimen trees

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